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Mar 05, 2012


Reno Hardware and Supply will be attending the CFCA (California Framing Contractors Associations) March 13th Meeting in Burbank and the March 14th meeting in Corona.
This meeting will be providing training for employees on the new definition and penalties with Cal/OSHA "serious injury or illness" citations and how you can protect yourself with Affirmative Defense. It will cover:
   1) A brief update on the new Cal-OSHA administration
   2) A brief background on the major provisions of AB 2774 changes of
       "serious injury or illness" legislation
   3) How AB 2774 changes Cal-OSHA Prosecution Strategies and how AB 2774 changes
       Employer's Defense Strageties
   4) New Negotiations Strategies for Employers when cited and pleading the New Affirmative Defense 
   5) How a properly structured IIPP supports the employers defense
   6) How and When to Respond to the New Cal-OSHA 1 BY Form.
If you want more information on the event or would like to be a guest of Reno Hardware and Supply please contact Kyle, at the Burbank office (818) 842-3667. 
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