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Long known for its Class A Fire Rating, Westcoat’s ALX has now received the ICC-ES Class I Vapor Barrier listing. This certification comes at a crucial time as building code standards for waterproofing decks is becoming more stringent in the wake of the tragic Berkeley deck collapse.



While the State of California is expected to make sweeping changes, some cities have already adopted stricter policies. Westcoat is proud to be at the forefront of the technology required to meet these needs.    


When the ALX Standard or ALX Custom Cementitious Coating Systems are installed with full coverage WP-40 Sheet Membrane, they meet the requirements of a Class I vapor retarder (0.1 perm or less). These systems were tested in accordance with the ASTM E96-2013, Test Method for Water Vapor Transmission of Materials.




The full listing can be found here.


ALX is the clear choice when choosing a waterproofing system. It is the ultimate protection for the end user, applicator and specifier.  
Please contact us or your rep to find out more about ALX with full WP-40 sheet membrane coverage.



Visit our ALX page for more information on 
our plywood waterproofing system!

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